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keeppartyvangoing asked:

dumb question but I'm seriously considering cashing in my older 3ds model to get a handle of this new one. Should I do this before or after getting a hold of the new model? (Y'know after transfering card files and so on if that's possible)

I would HIGHLY suggest you wait and see what happens with New 3DS first and foremost when it’s released.  Wait until then, see if the upgrade is worth it to you after some exclusive games are released, and then pull the trigger if you want to.  It’s still far too early to tell what will happen, honestly.

Stick with your older model for now until a North American release is announced, as well as further games and price points.  There’s just too little information at this time to warrant any suggestion unless you want to play Xenoblade without paying $90 for a disc copy.

What worries me is the next iteration of Pokemon after ORAS will likely be developed exclusively for this new 3DS because X/Y have some glaring slowdown issues at times. I just spent $200+ for my current 3DS I don’t want another one.
I know the feeling, don’t worry.  Unless something huge is announced, I’m not jumping on the upgrade either.  I already have Xenoblade on my Wii as it is, so it needs to be something grand coming to have me consider.
As for a new Pokemon… I think it’s a 50/50 chance.  Keep in mind that Black 2 and White 2 came out during a time in which the 3DS was in full swing, mostly because the fanbase hadn’t completely gotten onboard with the idea of the 3DS yet.

Inganno’s Thoughts on New 3DS Announcement

I feel like I want to know the finances of the New 3DS more so than anything else.  It seems bizarre that Nintendo would want to release another iteration with improved hardware after only three and a half years, especially since the 2DS came out back in 2013.  I feel as though they wouldn’t consider releasing it unless they knew that either a). the 3DS was at its tail end in developing what they could, or b). this is an experiment for them.  True, this could be their Gameboy Color or DSi, but I’m not so sure…

Outside of the new processor and improved Wifi, I’m also curious to see if there’s an improvement in screen resolution and how it effects the gameplay of older titles.  With there be anti-aliasing?  Will previous 30fps games now run in 60fps?  Will the improved CPU allow for GBA and SNES emulations?  Could this also mean more power to support cross console interactions?

In any case, this shows us why we haven’t seen as many first party 3DS titles this year on the system.  At first, I thought it might have to do with a focus on the Wii U, but it seems that maybe it was to focus on New 3DS titles.  Hmmm… this may also explain why their hardware and software buildings merged recently.

It’s still too early to tell, but if I had to guess, this may be what will phase out the original 3DS, but not be the true successor.  This might be especially true when you look at the introductory $150 and $180 price tags, which are the same prices of the classic 3DS as well.  We might even see the classic version drop in price this holiday  Should be an interesting couple of months, me thinks.

Still, Xenoblade Chronicles portable - I’m impressed.  For those of you who do decide to get New 3DS, I highly recommend it.  It was hands down the best RPG of the last generation, in my opinion.

Major gaming websites are now posting articles attacking their own readership and viewers, and telling people it’s the end of gaming and gamers in the most damning way possible; Self-proclaimed professional journalists even.

As a writer, I can’t even…

I mean what the…

Why are you even doing…?

I’ve done my best to stay neutral on all of this the past couple of weeks, watching from the sidelines, and just keeping my personal opinion to myself, but this?

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