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Hey guys uh read please


Long story short I’m being forced to leave/kicked out of my house next week with no job and hardly any money because of a lot of problems with my step mom that I’ll explain to you if you ask

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type-0 ‘s director is gonna direct FF15 instead of nomura


final fantasy 15 no longer illuminati status confirmed

This game better change my fucking life.

I myself can’t, in all honesty, get excited for any news because I’m too aware of what the key people involved in this game have done and/or worked on in the past. The new director might’ve directed Crisis Core, which I thought was perhaps the best thing to come out of the FF VII Compilation, even if I have some problems with it in terms of writing and gameplay mechanics, but he also directed The 3rd Birthday, which completely fucked the Parasite Eve series for me. Plus I wasn’t very much impressed by Type-0 either, so it’s like

"New director replaces Nomura"
Fuck yeah! So, who is it?

"It’s Hajime Tabata!"
Close, Square, but no cigar.

I tell you, truly, the only person who still works in Square who can actually direct a Final Fantasy worth a damn is called Hiroyuki Ito. But because Square’s higher ups want to push the same designers to be the face of Square as far as the main series is concerned, he won’t get back to making great FFs, the kind we need in these desperate times.

I don’t want to deter you from being excited though, far from it. Maybe you’ll really like it, like I said about Mass Effect before, I just thought to proffer my proverbial two cents to the matter is all :D

I agree with all of you in that though :P most of my hype is about the change of director and not have nomura in it and well, we’ve all seen the very weird mess he’s been doing in kingdom hearts lol. I’ve myself liked everything about CC and type-0 so I’m very looking forward to how he’ll impact everything in ff15

No matter what hype comes from this, I’m still incredibly cautious of this title.

I mean, FFXV has been in development for nearly 9 years!  It’s hard for me to trust something like that, especially since it’s been admittedly redone so many times, and now ported to new consoles, and now a new director after Nomura stepped down.

I really want to be excited, but Square Enix’s track record lately (outside of a scant hand full of titles like Bravely Default and The World Ends With You) has been sketchy as of the past five years or so.  Call me a cynic, but I’m honestly not seeing amazing things about the title.  Looks gorgeous as hell though.

I am excited for Type-0 HD though, even if it is kind of a kick to the groin for a lot of people for a few reasons.

Kojima advertises Peace Walker with a really cute and funny over the top and stereotypical J-Pop music video, made using the in game engine, and with a cute blonde girl, and super kawaii high pitched singer.  Entire music video is tongue and cheek to the entire Metal Gear series, and is adorable and got me to chuckle.  I thought it wouldn’t be used in the game itself.

Turns out it was the final battle theme.

Fuckin’ Kojima.




me vs. responsibilities

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i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

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