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Inganno reviews Receiver

Oh look!  An indie PC FPS game that was made in seven days.  I’ve heard this one is actually pretty tense!  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Receiver Controls

Look [Move Mouse]
Move [WASD]Jump [Space]
Pick Up Nearby Item [G]
Fire Weapon [left mouse button]
Aim Weapon[hold right mouse button]

Seems simple enough…

Holster Weapon [ ~ ]
Pull Back Slide [hold R]
Release Slide Lock [tap T]
Toggle Full Automatic [V]
Eject Magazine [E]

Uh… wait a second…
Oh geez, I’m out of bullets.  Wait I have them in my inventory though.

Inventory 1 (Magazine) [ 1 ]
Insert Bullet [E]
Insert Magazine [Tap Z]

Alright.  I think I’m in business.  Hey, look!  A cassette. Let’s listen to it… okay that was terrifying.  What’s that sound?  Something is behind me.  It’s a drone?  And it’s about to attack me!  Bang bang!  It’s down, and I only had three bullets in the magazine.  Okay… stay calm.  Let’s take things slowly.

This place is creepy.  I’m really tensed out right now.  Another cassette!  It’s just chanting and static.  I really don’t want to have nightmares tonight.  Ack!  Turret!  One bullet hit me… I died.  Let’s do this again.


Memorize the stupid controls and you won’t be so stressed out from the game, idiot!  Crap, here comes another drone!

Rating:  GIT GUD/10
Recommendation:  If you’re a thinking gamer, than yes.  If you’re an action gamer, probably not.

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