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Inganno’s Writing Commissions - Now Open!

I’ve decided to take a few commissions to help soften the blow of the usual financial woes that we all suffer from every now and then.  Now, I’m not an artist, but what I can do is weave a good story here and there.  That’s where all of you come in!

Want an original story with your own characters?  It’s done!

Want a fanfic with some gooey-ooey romance?  It shall be! (Fandoms that I am apart of may vary)

Want something that may be a little questionable in nature?  No problem!

I’m willing to write anything, from G-rated fluff to NSFW material.  You can tell me your prompt in a short sentence, or even be a little more descriptive, and I’ll use what you give me to go from there.  However, I will not be able to write certain NSFW stories involving particular subject matter.  Ask me for additional details.  The prices and slots are as follows.

I currently have FIVE slots open.

Prices are as followed:

First 100 words - $1
Every 100 words afterward, up to 1000 words - $0.50
Every 100 words from 1000 – 2500 - $1
Every 100 words from 2500 – 4000 - $1.50

EXAMPLE – a 2700 word story would be $23.50

Payments will be received via Paypal at time of story completion.  Depending on the length of the story, the first dollar may be required upfront.

I’ll also keep a special single slot open for anyone who wants to commission a multi-chapter story (anywhere from two to five chapters).  The price and additional details of that, however, will be negotiated via instant messenger or tumblr ask.

Delivery of completed stories may take anywhere from a short wait to longer, considering the length of the story, and my schedule since I’m working full time hours at work.

For more details or to express interest in a slot, please contact me via Tumblr through ASK.  Thank you, and I hope to hear from you real soon!

SAMPLES include:
Diamonds – Regular Show fanfic
Seven Styles of Minasato - Seven Morenatsu fanfics
Walls - An Original Short Story
NOVEL Corp - An Original Short Story in three parts

The following are some of the fandoms I am/was a part of, and will write for.

Regular Show
Adventure Time
Twin Peaks
Madoka Magica
Team Fortress
Miscellaneous Game Franchises (ASK for details)
Miscellaneous Cartoon Franchises (ASK for details)
Pixar Movies
Darkwing Duck

For any question regarding fandom, open slots, and pricing, please send me an ASK for additional details.

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