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It started as a little scribble, and for some reason I got the urge to throw in some sharp edges and stark contrast. There’s a huge mass of white at the top there, I know, but I’m experimenting with composition after seeing some notes on it yesterday. To keep Anders near a ‘focal point’ or whatever that is, and keep the text in the picture, it kinda needed it.

Some of you might be familiar with Anders by now, but just to let anyone else know; he’s a character/sort of main antagonist in my Regular Show fanfic ‘Soda’.

The text is from The Big Come Down, off of Nine Inch Nails’ 1999 album The Fragile. I just felt that the lyrics fit Anders perfectly. The instrumentation and general feel of the song help to characterise him slightly too, I think. Have a listen and let me know how well you think it fits (or doesn’t fit) him, too.

Also, the original image is 1600x1200, so it’ll be a bit smaller here! Sorry about that.

So, so, so, awesome man! 

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    Short Term Memory (Anders' Theme Reprise)

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Here is my reprise to Anders’ theme by Robust-Russ. It is titled Short Term Memory.

I really loved the little melody somewhere near the middle point of his original track, so I created this song using the same melody. I wanted to show a different side of Anders; most notably his nonchalant attitude towards daily life. He is also a bit of a scatterbrain, in terms of getting his priorities straight; as such, this song chops and changes a bit here and there.

Hope you enjoy it, whoever decides to listen.

Picture doodled by me, also.


Something done for Syrograph, it’s a depiction of a scene in his Regular Show fanfic, Soda. If you haven’t read it yet, start here!

This is a scene from chapter 5 if anyone’s curious.

I think this is the first time I ever drew any of the RS characters, Sy urged me to!

Very cool art!  Soda is a really fun dramatic story, and you really captured the scenes quite well!  I love Anders off in the side there too, acting all WTF.


Soda - Chapter 7: Through The Keyhole.

So, here it is. My update schedule has been all over the place as of late, so I figured I’d just throw this up here as soon as it was finished.

As with last week, just click the banner to go to the chapter.

I only managed to make one picture for this chapter, but I put some effort in to this one. I figure this is a good trade-off. It’s spoiler-free, so I’ll also be uploading it as a seperate photo.

Here’s a link to the picture:

Dude, quit it!

I hope you guys enjoy it. : )


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Drama drama drama… and video games!  Lovely chapter, man!  Anders character is really starting to develop.  Rigby just seems like an angry prick in this chapter.  But overall, really fine work!

Everyone get around to reading this!


Soda - Chapter 6: House Banned

New format today! I posted the banner as a photo this time, setting a click-through link to the new chapter.

Go ahead, just click the banner to see Chapter 6.


In this chapter: more character development, some more arguments and a very drunk Rigby.

Who else likes drunk Rigby?

I like drunk Rigby.

I managed to get some more scribbles done, including a few dizzy raccoons and one extraordinarily angry yeti.

Afformentioned raccoons
Afformentioned yeti

This is actually the first time I’ve attempted to draw Skips, and my lack of practice is certainly evident.

If anyone doesn’t find it too spoiler-y, I’m considering uploading the pictures I draw as seperate photo posts so that more people can see them. Anyone object?

Anyway, hope you all enjoy it. : )

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You all need to read this.  Great fanfiction, well written, and damn fine drama and comedy.  What’s your excuse?

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