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BBCP Hazama Combos

By: ヒトトセ (hitotose)

some notes

  • Hazama’s meterless damage is great in CP.
  • New properties of j.C/214D~B lets you get a great loop for damage/meter.
  • might be OD-only but looks like you can combo into grab super??
  • OD combos are stylish as fuck

So much fun

Very stylish indeed, but I gotta say, that player is abusing the hell out of that one air combo.  Not a bad thing, just an observation.

(Source: kumagawa)


Finished finally. And on the last day of EVO, isn’t that great? 

These here all all of my fighting game mains in no particular order. Tiers don’t matter, these guys are just awesome. 

This is amazing, man!  You did a great job!  All those kick ass fighters.  Though, I could have sworn you said Rocket Raccoon was a main of yours also.  Doesn’t matter.  This looks stellar!  Great job!

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